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New England Ballet Theatre


Choreographed by Rachael Gnatowski

October 21st

October 22nd

Aetna Theatre
Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art

The Avery Memorial Entrance can be found at
29 Athen
eum Square North
Hartford, CT

Parking Information & Directions Can Be Found Here

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Inspired by the Hans Christian Andersen fairytale and the 1948 film, this new full-length ballet is full of passion, emotion, and struggle. Featuring new costumes by Fiona Connolly and NEBT's entire professional company, this production is hauntingly beautiful and the perfect way to celebrate "Spooky Season".

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Brief Synopsis

In 1954 Hartford, CT, young ballet dancers yearned to become prima ballerinas amidst a flourishing arts scene. The allure of a pair of blood-red ballet shoes promises unparalleled dance prowess, but the Shoemaker's dark price taints their ambitions. As Karen, a hopeful dancer, rises to prominence after acquiring these enchanted shoes, her relationships falter, and her longing for stardom isolates her. Despite warnings from her mother and fiancé William, Karen is seduced by the shoes' power. When the shoes consume her with an unrelenting dance, only the intervention of William and her mother frees her from their grip. In the aftermath, Karen realizes her true potential lies in hard work and genuine support. As she returns to the ballet, humbled but determined, she discovers that success emerges from within, yet the Shoemaker's sinister influence continues to lurk, tempting new hopefuls to tread his treacherous path.

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