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Student & Family
Code of Conduct

  • Attendance and punctuality are mandatory. Students arriving late are expected to apologize to the instructor and request permission to join class. Students arriving more than 10 minutes late will have missed important warm-up exercises and therefore be required to observe class. Habitual tardiness and absences will jeopardize the student’s future placement. Missed classes should be made up as soon as possible in a class of the same or lower level. Please call the office to schedule a make-up.


  • Students must follow the dress code (including requirements that hair be pulled back) for all classes and rehearsals.

  • Talking during class is disruptive to the entire class’ concentration and must be kept to a minimum; however, instructors encourage questions appropriate to class instruction.

  • Gum chewing, eating, and drinking are not permitted in the studios. Closed water bottles are permitted.

  • Street shoes are not permitted in the studios unless specified as allowed for special events. Dance shoes may not be worn outdoors.

  • Noise level in the waiting rooms, and hallway is to be kept to an “indoor” level so as not to disrupt classes or other businesses. Running or playing are not permitted in the hallways. Parents are required to monitor their children at all times in the common spaces.

  • Students must be supervised by parent/guardian to and from the waiting room. This ensures the safety of the student and allows parent/guardian to check bulletin boards for important information. Written parental permission is required for alternative plan.

  • Parents must pick up students promptly at the end of class unless other arrangements have previously been made with NEBT staff. Habitual tardiness in picking up students may result in assessment of additional fees.

  • Unscheduled parent/teacher conferences are not permitted as they infringe on class time. Parents that wish to meet with an instructor should schedule a conference through the office. Parents must not interrupt class or enter the studio without instructor permission. To prevent disruption and to maintain the educational environment, parents may not attempt to observe class unless during an announced observation week. Standing in front of the studio doorways is a hazard and is not permitted.

  • Parents may take photos of their student during observation week, but may not post photos showing other students’ faces on social media without explicit permission of those other students’ parents.

  • Ballet and other forms of dance are physical in nature and participant and parent assume all risks and liabilities associated therewith. Parents authorize NEBT to administer first aid if necessary, and parents will be informed as promptly as possible by NEBT if injury or illness occurs.

  • Instructors and staff members show respect for students and parents, and students and parents are expected to show respect to the instructors and staff, and to each other. NEBT staff may remove any person from the premises at any time for conduct which staff may deem a safety risk to others.

  • For safety of students and protection of our dance space, students and parents must follow any general facility regulations, posted or otherwise communicated.

Any student/family failing to comply with the code of conduct after 2 formal warnings risks being dismissed from NEBT.

New England Ballet Theatre is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit arts organization.

Donations are gratefully accepted and are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

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