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Cody Burlin

Cody Burlin was born in Philadelphia, PA, and began his dance training at the age of 10 at the Metropolitan Ballet Academy, where he had the privilege of working with influential faculty such as Denis Gronostayski, Eva Szabo, and Natalaya Lushina Zeiger. Burlin also trained with the Bolshoi Ballet in New York, Cincinnati Ballet, and Orlando Ballet in various summer programs.

Burlin has been dancing professionally since 2015, performing with numerous companies in Virginia, New Jersey, Nevada, Ohio, Oregon, and Connecticut. His favorite roles include Arabian Lead and the Snow King in the Nutcracker, and Gypsy Lead in Don Quixote.

Burlin currently performs as a freelance artist based out of the Hartford area, and has joined NEBT previously in its productions of "The Myth and Madness of Edgar Allan Poe" and "The Fantastic Toyshop."

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