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Lucie Shultz

Lucie Shultz grew up in New Jersey, and trained at Petrov Ballet School under Eugene Petrov. Lucie went on and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance and minor in Exercise Science at Mercyhurst University. Throughout school, she had many performing and choreographing opportunities. Lucie has had the opportunity to dance with SoMar Dance Works, the Erie Bayhawks dance team, as well as intern and perform with Ballet Concerto in Fort Worth for their 2019 summer performance. She also participated in Zion Dance Project's Summer Series and Ballet North Texas. Lucie has attended many summer dance programs too including ABT collegiate program, Ballet 5:8, and Orlando Ballet School. Lucie has worked with several artists such as Jay Kim, Anna Liceia, and Lee Cho. One of her favorite pieces she performed in was Concerto Borocco staged by Nilas Martins.

lucie nebt 2021.jpeg
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